"Sarah Reed for me was an eye opening experience. Before I came here I didn't want anything to do with growth and change. But now that I am leaving I see the world in a whole new light. When people leave or walk out of my life I tell myself, "it's probably for the best". I get all excited over the little things now like when my little brother lost his first tooth that was the most exciting thing ever. Sarah Reed has helped my way of thinking. All I used to think about is cutting. Now once in a while I think about it and when I do I'll use a great coping skill that they showed me like deep breathing or journaling or even writing a letter to the person that made me upset. That's what Sarah Reed has done for me"


I am just writing to thank you for helping me to get my son into residential  at the beginning of the year and for giving me the information and the support that was much needed during my tough decision. I would also like to say thank you to the staff at North Hall, the many nurses, and to the therapist that had worked with my son. Thank you also to the staff at Zimmerly. You all have made a difference in my son's life and have helped him to change and be safe. Thank you all for giving me back the son that is caring and who respects himself and others. Since his release I have seen so much change in him that it is unbelievable. Keep up the good work there, and keep helping these troubled children to realize that they do mean something to all the people that they are around and that they can get through all the troubles that may be effecting them. Many thanks!"

"When Amanda was placed with you, all involved considered the placement a last resort due to "the system's" failure to find permanency.  I would like you to know that as Amandas' CASA worker (her voice in "the system")- I believe "the system" finally got it right.  I do not view Sarah Reed as her last resort. I believe you have become her saving grace.

I would like to commend the staff at Selden Cottage and the many others who worked with Amanda.  I will no longer be able to view residential treatment as a last resort.  I can only imagine where Amanda might be today if your intervention had occurred earlier.

My sincere thanks and appreciation for the professionalism, skill and attention your staff has displayed in addressing Amandas' needs."