Benefits Highlights

We are pleased to provide insurance coverage for the benefit of full-time employees*.  The following benefits reflect the package currently in effect.  The Center reserves the right to change benefit offerings and/or the level of financial participation by employees as necessary.  Benefits are reviewed regularly for cost, quality, and value to employees.

Health Insurance

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) 

The Health Reimbursement Account health plan offers employees a seamless system where UPMC and the Health Reimbursement Account is automatic, no additional filing will be required.  Employees benefit from reduced cost-sharing if care is received within the provider network.  Preventative services are covered at 100%. Coordination of services is not required under this plan.  Employees have a $350 deductible for identified services.

Sarah A. Reed Children's Center pays a portion of the premium and the employee pays a portion, based on coverage category.

Dental Insurance 

Basic dental coverage through an extensive local preferred provider network.  Preventative services are covered in full, including dental exams every six months.  Calendar year deductible of $25/individual or $75/family applies to primary and major services only. $800 lifetime orthodontia benefit for qualified family members.

Life Insurance 

Employee Term Life and AD&D Insurance
Supplemental Employee and Spousal Life Insurance
Term life insurance provides a degree of security to employees and their families.  Coverage is equal to an employee’s annual salary, rounded up to the nearest thousand.  Accidental death benefits double the base coverage.  Supplemental employee and spousal term insurance is available through payroll deduction at low group rates, and is "portable" should an employee leave the agency. Employee Coverage:  Sarah A. Reed Children's Center pays 100% of cost

Short Term Disability

Provides salary continuation for employees during periods of short-term disability (benefits begin on 1st day for accident/8th day for disability or illness).  After an employee’s carry-over balance of reserve sick leave (at 100% of salary) has been depleted, the plan will compensate employees for qualified periods of disability at 60% of salary, up to a weekly maximum benefit of $1,500. Employee Coverage:  Sarah A. Reed Children's Center pays 100% of cost

Long Term Disability

Provides salary continuation for employees during periods of long-term disability (6+ months).  Disability benefit replaces 60% of salary, to a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000.  Benefits are paid monthly. Employee Coverage:  Sarah A. Reed Children's Center pays 100% of cost 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Provides 24-hour/day, 365 day/year confidential employee assistance, work-life and managed behavioral healthcare services to full-time employees and their immediate family members and other relatives living in their household.  Network of counselors are available to help covered individuals with life's challenges such as these:  difficulties in relationships, stress from marital problems, troubled children and adolescents, parenting issues, alcohol and drug abuse, work- or career-related stress, illness or loss of loved one, financial planning and debt management, and legal consultation and referral.

Employee Coverage:  Sarah A. Reed Children's Center pays 100% of cost

Paid Time-Off Benefits

Vacation, Holiday and Sick Leave
The agency provides eligible full and part time employees with competitive paid leave benefits.  Annual leave for full-time employees is based on seniority.  Full-time employees are provided with 11 paid holidays and 7 sick days during a full fiscal year (July 1-June 30).


401(k) Plan
Upon hire, employees are eligible to voluntarily participate in the Center's 401(k) plan, taking advantage of pre-tax salary deferrals and choosing from among a variety of investment options.  After fulfillment of a one-year waiting period (January or July entry) during which an employee completes 1,000 work hours, the Center will begin to contribute to the plan on behalf of the employee and match any voluntary contributions up to determined maximums, based on level of service.

Tax Savings

Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan
Employees are eligible to allocate, through payroll deduction, pre-tax dollars to be used to cover non-reimbursed medical expenses, dependent care expenses, and insurance premium payments.  The plan year is July 1 through June 30.

Tuition Assistance

$800 Tuition Grants
Since 1995, the Center has been providing a total of 10 tuition assistance grants each fall and spring term to eligible full-time employees who apply to the program.  Grants may be used at the college or university of their choice toward graduate studies or other coursework relevant to an employee’s job or career plans with the Center.

*Note:  Employees in 10-month, paid internship or contract positions should refer to their annual letter of agreement for specific benefit entitlement information.

Rev. 07/15