Parent-Child Interaction Therapy:

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, or PCIT, is a highly specialized and effective intervention for parents and their children ages 2.5 to 7. PCIT is primarily used to enhance parent-child relationships through positive interactions and to help parents develop more successful parenting skills.

Typical problems that respond well to PCIT include the following:

  • continual power struggles
  • constant refusal to listen when given commands
  • more than expected parental conflict with their young child
  • a child who doesn't listen, mind or follow directions
  • a child who has frequent and/or intense tantrums when asked to comply with commands
  • a child that is defiant and oppositional more often than not
  • a child that is physically aggressive

PCIT is a short-term, intensive coaching approach involving a therapist, a parent and the child. Though the child is referred for treatment, PCIT requires a substantial commitment on the part of the parent as well. An in-depth assessment is followed by weekly coaching sessions to help the parent nurture positive interactions with their child, to master critical skills delivering effective commands, and learn to better manage time-outs. At the completion of a successful course of PCIT, parents and children can expect to have a more positive, stable and healthy relationship.

For more information regarding this program, please contact Mr. Matt Bogardus at Sarah Reed Children's Center's Outpatient Behavioral Health Program:

Matt Bogardus
1611 Peach Street, Suite 185
Erie, PA 16501