Previous Interns & Post Internship Employment

Sarah Reed is a unique internship program. We strive to attract a diverse group of students from school psychology and clinical child/clinical programs interested in obtaining intensive training with children who have been traumatized and who present with severe emotional and behavioral disorders.  Past interns have come from programs across the country. However, the one characteristic that all of our interns share is their desire to move beyond the traditional roles of psychologists and become proficient at intervening in multiple systems with a broad range of clients. 

Previous Intern Doctoral Programs: 

  • University of Kentucky (School Psychology)
  • James Madison University (Combined Program)
  • University of North Carolina (School Psychology)
  • University of South Carolina (School Psychology)
  • University of Iowa (School Psychology)
  • Gannon University (Counseling Psychology) 
  • University of Florida (School Psychology)
  • Teachers College at Columbia University (School Psychology)
  • University of Northern Colorado (School Psychology)
  • The Fielding Institute (Clinical Psychology)
  • Argosy University (Clinical Psychology Program)
  • Oklahoma State University (School Psychology Program)
  • University of Texas-Austin (School Psychology)
  • State University of New York at Buffalo (Combined Counseling and School Psychology program)
  • State University of NY at Albany
  • Texas A & M (School Psychology)
  • Ball State (School Psychology)
  • University of Indiana (School Psychology) 
  • Michigan State (School Psychology)
  • Georgia State University (School Psychology)
  • Duquesne (School Psychology)
  • Alfred University (School Psychology) 
  • Texas Women's University (School Psychology)
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln (School Psychology)
  • Temple University (School Psychology)  
  • 2016-17: Duquesne University (School Psych), SUNY Buffalo (Combined School/Counseling, and Louisiana State University (School Psychology). 
  • 2017-18: Louisiana State University (School Psychology); University of South Carolina (School Psych) & University of California (Combined School/Clinical/Counseling).

Post Internship Employment:

Our interns have been very successful at securing employment and post-doctoral work upon completing their internship. While many have moved on to school district positions, we have students who have gone on to academia, mental health settings, and formal post-doctoral training positions.  Of the most recent graduates of our internship (2015-2016), two will be completing formal post doctoral fellowships and one will be taking a position at an agency. 

Initial Post-Internship Positions

Total # of Interns in 3 Cohorts (2012-2015)  9  
Total # of Interns not seeking employment because they returned to complete degree  1  
Setting PD EP
Community Mental Health Center  1  2
Academic University/Department    2
School District/System    2
Independent practice setting    
Not currently employed    
Other (Private, non-profit mental health agency)    1