Internship Program Admissions: 

We are committed to training doctoral interns whose practica and educational experiences match well with our training aims and objectives.  We strongly encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds to review and apply to our site.  We look for interns who are energetic, creative, flexible, and focused on their training as psychologists.  The Sarah Reed Children's Center doctoral internship participates in and abides by all APPIC Match policies.  Interns are matched to the program through the APPIC match process. 

In order to apply to the Sarah Reed Children's Center doctoral internship training program, applicants must have 

  • Completed all required graduate coursework in an APA accredited doctoral program in psychology.  
  • It is preferable, but not required, that the applicant’s doctoral degree program be in School Psychology.  However, active and full consideration will also be given to applicants from APA-approved programs in Clinical, Clinical Child, Counseling or Combined Psychology programs (where school psychology is integral to the combined program), who have supervised experience in school or school-based settings.  
  • It is expected that the applicant will have had at least 400 combined total hours of direct contact intervention and assessment experience in standard psycho-educational and psycho-diagnostic methods and in psychotherapy with children and adolescents. 

Interns are expected to comply fully with the specific training plan and assigned responsibilities as outlined in the Intern Handbook and in discussions with the Training Faculty.  Additional and/or other specific duties or sequences of training will be developed in cooperation with the intern, the VP of Clinical Services/Director of Psychology Internship Training, the intern’s supervisor, and the sending graduate institution. 

For its part, Sarah Reed Children's Center will provide the doctoral intern with a 12 month, 2000 hour internship training program.  The primary goal of this program is to foster and nurture the development of an ethical, responsible, and competent psychologist who holds the values of reflective practice and disciplined scientific inquiry in professional practice of psychology.  

Sarah Reed Children's Center will provide the necessary opportunities, resources (including clerical support from office staff and technical support from IT), supervision, support, and training to ensure that the doctoral intern can effectively carry out her/his responsibilities as outlined.  

The intern, once matched through the APPIC Match Process, is assigned to either the Sarah Reed Children's Center Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program and Campus School and the Millcreek Township School District or the Sarah Reed Children's Center Integrated Partial Hospitalization Program at the Hamilton Campus.  This assignment is made in conjunction with the intern after the match.

The Vice President of Clinical Services/Director of Psychology Internship Training is responsible for the overall integrity, quality, and implementation of the internship program.  Pennsylvania licensed psychologists and/or certified school psychologists provide internship supervision.  Other senior staff members at the agency as well as community resources are provided to the interns in order to enhance their experiences in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Financial and Benefit Support: 

The following bullets are information to be used by applicants to consider when applying to our site.

  • Application Due Date: Friday, November 10, 2017.  
  • Positions: Three (3) internship positions are available for the 2017-2018 internship training year.  
  • Annual Stipend: Interns will receive an annual stipend of $23,667 dollars.

Health Insurance:

  • Interns have access to health insurance with a portion paid by the agency and a portion paid by the intern.  
  • Health insurance is available to family members at additional cost to the intern.
  • Health insurance is available to legally married partners
  • Health insurance is not available to domestic partners.

Time Off:

  • 7 days of paid vacation
  • 9 days of paid holiday
  • 7 days of paid sick leave
  • Extended Leave: Reasonable attempts will be made to make accommodations for unpaid leave in circumstances which are in excess of vacation and sick leave.  

Other Benefits:

  • Professional Development Days: Interns may take up to 2 paid professional development days. 
  • Malpractice Insurance: Agency provides malpractice insurance

Application Requirements: 

1) Applicants must have a minimum of 400 combined AAPI Direct Contact Intervention and Assessment hours at the doctoral level.  

  • This must include at least 50 hours of direct face to face psychotherapy and/or counseling experience with children and families and 
  • At least 10 integrated assessment batteries that must include typical measures used to assess intelligence, academic skills and performance, and behavior.  

2) School Psychology Students: For students considering applying to our site, we are looking for students who want to move beyond narrowly defined roles.  For example, we find that school psychology students who want to blend traditional and non-traditional experiences do well in our training program. Think of yourself more as a "Psychologist" who works in the schools and mental health settings as opposed to a School Psychologist who only works in schools.    

Clinical/Clinical Child/Counseling StudentsFor students applying to Sarah Reed from these programs, it is required that your AAPI document supervised training and/or experience providing psycho-educational and/or academic assessment services in a school or school-type of setting (e.g. a partial hospitalization program).  Your application must clearly indicate that you have experience conducting psychological testing that is being used for the purposes of clarifying a child's educational status or classification. 

All interns will be conducting supervised psycho-educational evaluations as part of their training for children attending our on-grounds residential campus school.  Therefore, all applicants must have a strong foundation in psycho-educational and academic assessment in addition to experience in consultation, and psychotherapy/counseling with children, adolescents, and families.  

Key characteristics of successful interns:

    • Students who desire to continue to develop their skills in psychotherapy, assessment, crisis intervention, and consultation.    
    • Students who have completed at least three years of practicum/field placement experience including direct experience/practica in psycho-educational assessment (at least 10 integrated batteries), child and adolescent therapy/counseling, and diagnostic and treatment methods.    
    • Students who have direct experience working in schools providing teacher consultation, psycho-educational assessment, and group counseling.   
    • Students who have experience and/or training working with multi-problem families.  
    • Students who have experience with children with emotional and behavioral disorders as well as trauma and abuse.   
    • All students must have a good working knowledge of test administration, scoring, and interpretation of the following tests: WISC V, Woodcock Johnson-Achievement and Cognitive, BASC, CBCL, and Adaptive Behavior Scales.   
    • Students who possess an understanding of child development.   
    • Students who have an interest in clinical interviewing and developing their diagnostic skills.   

School Psychology Students:  We strongly prefer students from school psychology programs who already hold a Masters Degree in School Psychology and have completed their internship in a school setting. 

Clinical Child/Clinical/Counseling Students: 

  • Students from these programs must have a Masters Degree.   
  • Students from clinical child/clinical/counseling psychology programs must also clearly demonstrate training in psycho-educational assessment and consultation in a school or school-type of setting (See next bullet). 
  • Students from Clinical Child/Clinical or Counseling programs must have at least one letter of recommendation from a school psychologist who provided direct supervision to the applicant.   

Our interns are expected to devote themselves to their training, yet we believe interns should experience the assets our community has to offer. We encourage and foster efforts to help interns develop their professional identity. 

Application Process: The Internship utilizes a three-part selection process. First, application materials from eligible candidates are reviewed and evaluated by the Director of Training.  Acceptable applications are assigned to a second faculty member for review.  Once reviewed by the Director of Training and a second faculty member selected applicants will then be invited for a formal interview.  In-person interviews are highly recommended however, in some limited situations, we will allow phone interviews. Finally applicants are ranked in terms of their overall compatibility to our program and assigned to the Match Rank Order List.

The match between the applicant’s training and career goals and the internship’s training goals and orientation is a primary consideration.  In accordance with APPIC guidelines, applicants who are no longer under serious consideration may be notified as soon as possible in the selection process but no later than ten days prior to the Rank Order List submission deadline. 

APPIC Match: Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center adheres to all Match Policies established by the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). The center accepts three full-time interns each training year beginning in early August. Intern applicants for these slots are advanced doctoral students from APA accredited programs (we will also review students from CPA programs) who have completed required graduate course work and supervised practica in counseling children and conducting psycho-educational or psychological evaluations for educational purposes. We require applicants to have at least 400 hours of combined intervention and assessment experience on the AAPI.        

All Applicants:

  • Interested applicants should complete the following documents as per the APPIC Online Instructions: All supplemental materials must be submitted on-line as per APPIC.
    • Current APPIC (Online-AAPI)
    • Current Resume (Submit On-line)
    • Official transcripts of all graduate studies. (Submit on-line)  
    • Three letters of recommendation from supervisors and faculty knowledgeable about their academic and clinical work (Submit On-line)
        • Supplementary Materials:
          • A copy of a psycho-educational or psychological evaluation of a child including cognitive and achievement testing.  Please make sure that all client identifying information is redacted.  The report must also include the name and if possible the signature of the supervising psychologist.  (Submit on-line)
          • A clinical treatment summary that reflects work done in counseling or therapy with a child and if possible with the child's family.  The treatment summary must demonstrate the intern's ability to conceptualize a clinical case involving a child.  Please make sure all identifying information is redacted/altered to protect the client's confidentiality.  The report must include the name and if possible the signature of the supervising psychologist.  (Submit on-line). 
    • It is the candidate's responsibility to make arrangements with the recommending persons and transcript offices so that all materials are on-line by the application deadline. 
    • Application Deadline: The deadline for all materials  to be uploaded to the APPIC on-line website is Friday, November 11, 2016.
    • Interview Notification: Every attempt will be made to inform applicants invited to interview prior to November 24, 2016. 
    • Interview Dates: Interviews are tentatively scheduled for 12/15 or 12/16; 1/6/17, 1/12/17 and possibly 1/19/17. 

Please Note:  Applicants should clearly understand that in addition to the APPIC Match Policies, the selected intern must also meet specific requirements established by Sarah Reed Children's Center for any and all individuals employed by the agency.  These include: a drug screen, criminal background checks, and child abuse clearances.  An offer of employment with the agency is specifically conditioned on the prospective employee successfully passing the drug screen. Sarah Reed Children's Center will pay the cost of any initial drug and alcohol testing that it requires.   Any additional tests that the prospective employee requests will be paid for by the prospective employee.   Furthermore, any candidate who has not been a resident in the state of Pennsylvania for at least a year preceding their hire date will be required to obtain a Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check.   This includes a   fingerprint card FD-258 with ORI PA920980Z Dept. of Public Welfare, Harrisburg, PA   (obtained from HR and completed at a local or state police department) and a money order or cashier's check in the amount of $24.00 made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   The HR department or applicant will forward this to The Department of Public Welfare ChildLine & Abuse Registry Criminal Verification Unit, P.O. Box 8053 , Harrisburg , Pa. , 17105-8053.

All prospective employees and interns will be notified by the Human Resources Department of the requirement to obtain both Child Abuse and Criminal History Clearances prior to employment with Sarah Reed Children's Center and their obligation to disclose future occurrences.  The Children's Center will accept originals of clearances processed within one year of employment.  Child Abuse Check Form CY113, "Application for Child Abuse History," must be used to request a child abuse background check and is available through the HR Department.  The form will be submitted by HR to the Childline and Abuse Registry, P.O. Box 8170 , Harrisburg , PA   17105-8170 .  A $10.00 money order made payable to the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare (provided by the employee) must accompany the application. Criminal History Check: Each prospective employee will be required to complete a Criminal History Request Form which will be submitted by the Children's Center to process the Act 34 check electronically.  The on-line processing fee for this service is $10.00 and will be paid by the candidate in the form of cash or money order.  Act 80 Disclosure Statement: Prospective employees who complete this form are able to be hired on a provisional basis for thirty days (ninety days for out-of-state residents). All new employees, regardless of status of their clearance application or original form verification, must complete an Act 80 form. Copies of completed requests for clearances and checks must accompany written attestations that the newly hired employee's criminal check and child abuse clearance will not reflect a founded report of child abuse or conviction of one or more of the following offenses within the last five years:  Criminal Homicide ,Aggravated Assault, Stalking, Kidnapping, Unlawful Restraint, Rape Statutory Sexual Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, Indecent Exposure, Incest, Concealing Death of Child Endangering Welfare of Children, Dealing in Infant Children, Prostitution and Related Offences, Relating to Obscene and Other Sexual, Corruption of Minors, Materials and Performance, Sexual Abuse of Children, or an equivalent crime under federal law or the law of another state. If the processed reports reflect any of the aforementioned offenses, the employee may not provide direct care, nor supervise employees who provide direct care, for children/adolescents. During the provisional period, Act 80 mandates that the employee must be within the eyesight of a permanent employee who has secured the requisite clearance and check.  In addition, if the clearance/check is not received before the provisional period expires, the employee may not continue to work with children/adolescents in any capacity.  A process for challenging the results of either the FBI clearance or child abuse clearance is outlined in the "Child Abuse and Criminal Record Clearances and Disclosures" policy.

In addition, there may be additional requirements and costs associated with placement in the Millcreek Township School District. 

Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center is an equal opportunity employer. We strive to create an environment that embraces and celebrates diversity.  We strongly encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply. If you have any additional questions, please contact:  

Eric Schwartz, Psy.D.
Vice President-Clinical Services and Director of Psychology Internship Training
Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center
2445 West 34th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16506  (

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