School-Based Services

Sarah A. Reed Children's Center has developed partnerships with local school districts to provide Mental Health Support Services within school district buildings. These partnerships allow children to have direct access to needed supports during their school day and throughout the school year.

School-Based Refocus Rooms

Sarah A. Reed Children's Center is collaboratively operating Refocus Rooms in the following School Districts: Fairview School District, Iroquois School District, General McLane School District and Northwestern School District.  Currently the Refocus Rooms in these Districts are serving students in grades 6-12, providing on-site support services to students experiencing behavioral, emotional, and/or academic difficulties interfering with their success in school.

A number of students struggle with finding success in a  traditional school setting. Students may find themselves in situations that are difficult for them to handle. Refocus Rooms provide another option for students.  

The Refocus Room is staffed with a certified teacher and a trained mental health professional to assist and counsel students who are in need of some extra help and support to be successful in school.  This could include brainstorming on handling situations in a more positive manner, discussing problems or issues the student may be experiencing in their personal life, learning coping and social skills, and/or academic help and tutoring.

For more information about School-Based Services, please contact:

Frank DiPlacido
Director of County Alternative Education Programs

Erie County Technical School
8500 Oliver Road
Erie, Pennsylvania 16509

S.E.L.F. Program
Sanctuary® Education for Learning Fundamentals

The SELF (Sanctuary Education for Learning Fundamentals) Program is collaboration between Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center and Erie's Public Schools. The SELF Program is an alternative education placement for students in grades 3-8 who have been removed from their home school, usually for chronic disruptive behaviors or a “zero tolerance” violation. Students can be in the program for anywhere from 15 days up to a year (for expelled students). The main goal of the program is to focus on behavioral issues that impede academics and help the students learn to adapt with difficult or stressful situations in a positive way rather than by displaying acting out behaviors. Utilizing the Sanctuary Model® developed by Dr. Sandra Bloom, the program is based on the 7 Commitments of Sanctuary® and the S.E.L.F. Model. Each classroom is staffed by an Erie's Public Schools' teacher(s) and two Sarah Reed staff members. A mental health professional works with the students providing group and family therapy as well as individual therapy when warranted. Rather than a punitive placement, SELF is viewed as a therapeutic opportunity to help students develop positive coping mechanisms and good problem solving skills to enable them to be successful in their home, school, and community. There are SELF classrooms in Lincoln, Harding, and Roosevelt schools within the Erie School District.

For more information on the SELF Program, please contact:

Lori Eaton
Director of Erie Alternative Education Programs