Internship Training Sites 

Doctoral internship training at Sarah Reed Children's Center requires interns to learn to bridge the skills needed to serve children, adolescents, and their families in multiple settings. The Director of Training will make the final decision on the training site for each intern. Interns receive year-long training emphasizing both clinical competencies (psychotherapy, clinical consultation, and case conceptualization) and school psychological competencies (psycho-educational assessment, classroom and school-based consultation, and direct and indirect intervention). 

Primary Training Site Assignments:

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program/Residential Campus School: Two interns are assigned for 3 days/week (60%) at Sarah Reed Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF). The interns assigned to this site receive specialized training with children from 5-18 who have serious emotional and behavioral disorders and complex trauma. The interns receive supervised training in diagnostic assessment, individual child psychotherapy, family counseling/therapy and consultation, case conceptualization, trauma informed care (Sanctuary), multi-disciplinary clinical consultation, crisis intervention, and research. In addition, as part of this training site, the two interns receive training and supervision in psycho-educational assessment and consultation in the Millcreek Township/Sarah Reed Campus School (located on the grounds of the Residential Program). 

Millcreek Township School District: The two interns assigned to the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program will also be assigned to a regular district public school site for two days each week (40%). The actual school (elementary, middle, high) will depend on the needs of the district and when possible the training interests of the intern. Each intern will function under the supervision of a doctoral level licensed psychologist and who is also a certified school psychologist. The supervised training in this setting will include extensive experience in psycho-educational assessment, behavioral and classroom consultation, consultation with school personnel, families, and other professionals, individual counseling, and crisis intervention. Millcreek Township School District is a suburban school district serving Millcreek Township. You may visit the website to view specific information about the district.

Integrated Partial Hospitalization Program at the Hamilton Campus: Our third intern will be assigned 5 days/week to our Integrated Partial Hospitalization Program. The intern assigned to this site will receive specialized training with children (3-18 years). The intern assigned to the partial program will be in there five days/week. The intern will be able to work with children across partial hospitalization programs (e.g. Preschool, School-age, Adolescent, and Acute). The intern will receive training in intake and diagnostic assessment, conducting child psychotherapy, family counseling and consultation, group therapy, case conceptualization, trauma informed care, multi-disciplinary clinical consultation, crisis intervention, and research. He/she will also have opportunity to engage in on-site classroom consultation including direct intervention and indirect intervention overseeing our specialized RtI program.

Multicultural Community Resource Center (Currently on hold as of 6/1/16): A recent addition to our training is the development of a monthly consultation service at the Multicultural Community Resource Center (MCRC). The MCRC is a local social service agency dedicated to providing comprehensive supportive services to individuals and groups who are resettled in Erie from other parts of the world. This joint venture provides interns with a unique opportunity to gain real world experience with people from a variety of other cultures and gives the MCRC an opportunity to take advantage of the interns' knowledge base and training in child and school psychology.